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FCS Tactical Training - Course 1

Course 1

Tactical baton

•Threatening vs. non-threatening posture
•Deployment of the baton
•Opening the baton the classical way vs. the FCS Tactical with the 4 levels of escalation from interview stand

Stick or Police standard baton

•1-5 (Basic Angles)
→Male / female triangles
→Replacement stepping / take-offs

•Basic Strikes / with Tactical Baton
→Follow-through strike
→Snap / pulling strike
→Flywheel / fully rotating strike
→Fan strike
→Short range pummel (butt-end) strike
→5 strikes / Recoil with strikes / foot work

→4 walls
→Stick Flow Drill
→Basic Switches with baton and Aplications

•Stick flow drill of 12 Chokes

Tactical folder

•Basic anatomy
•Tactical Knife Template 1 with Isolations
•Basic Knife Tapping

Joint locks and manipulation

•Basic locks
•Mat work / roles and ukemis
•Sweeps / basic Sikaran / Triangle concept for takedowns

Mano y Mano

•Rico’s Flow Drill

Basic ground rolls

•Back shoulder roll
•Front Roll
•Roll with stick in the hand