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Practical Shooting

Practical Shooting

gunThe competitions of Practical Shooting (IPSC) are carried out with pistols and revolvers of 9mm caliber and above as well as ribbed riffles and muskets with 20GA caliber and above.

IPSC is a relatively new but exciting kind of shooting competition.

In these events the shooter is tested in a number of sight problems, Stages, consisting of a set of targets, paper and metal which are spreaded through a developed space testing the shooter in various distances and positions.

Multiple targets, moving targets, disclosed when shooted targets, random motion targets, partially covered targets, movement, tactics, dams and barriers and in general every dificulty that a Stage Designer could imagine, are combined against the athletes. The IPSC shooters are invited to shoot out their targets with speed and accuracy since the final score is made out of the accuracy points divided by the time the shooter made.

To measure time there are specially made time-stoppers which give the starting signal as well as recording the number and firing time of the shooter.men2
IPSC compentitions include several categories and subcategories in the final results, which are used as methods of identifying different techniques, equipment, sex and age.

To give an example in Production category the shooters are using full factory produced guns having minor adjustments. In Open category belong shooters who are using all kinds of weapons that have been heavilly adjusted.

Although IPSC is not an Olympic event it has thousands sport enthusiasts arround the world in 42 countries.

Hellenic Shooting Federation organizes more than 200 competitions per year.

in Hellas more than 90 clubs and over 2000 athletes are involved in IPSC shooting.