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Evaggelos Zitakis

Sifu Evaggelos Zitakis

WSLVTKFSifu E. Zitakis was born in Northern Greece (Alexandroupolis) in 1966. In 1969 at the age of 3 his family moved to Bamberg, Germany. From his early years he had an interest in martial arts. The first art he studied was Judo and then Tae Kwon Do.
Later he moved to boxing and in 1983 he met Philipp Bayer who made Ving Tsun known in Germany. 1988 he resigned from the Association of P. Bayer's Ving Tsun and continued to develop the art of Ving Tsun under other Masters, having already 7 independent Ving Tsun schools in Germany. In 1996 he returned to Greece opening new schools of WSL Ving Tsun.
In 2007 he met Tuhon Ray Dionaldo and became a member of FCS Kali implementing FCS Kali Curriculum in his existing schools. In 2009, having already made several successful seminars in Security Personel and Hellenic Special Forces he became the exclusive representative of FCS Tactical in Hellas.

Having the status of a Certified Judge in Olympic Competition Shooting, he is a member and an instructor in Artemis Shooting Club.

Having served as a reservist in the Special Forces of the Hellenic Army he also is a founding member of the Hellenic Special Forces Club.

The business activitiy of E. Zitakis begins in 2000 when he founded Swords Bodyguards covering a wide range of care services with special interest in VIP Security/Escort, while also developing an educational program for Bodyguards accompanied by a corresponding certification.

Extending his business activity, E. Zitakis has an exclusive representation of major companies in Tactical equipment such as BLACKHAWK!, Camelbak, Condor, ELMON etc.