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FCS Tactical Training - Course 3

Course 3

Tactical baton

•Linear entries / puño mano
•Palisut drill
•Rico’s Way Flow Drill

Weapon retention, retrieval and deployment

•Teaching proper body mechanics and coordination skills for Gun disarms
•Concerns of body positioning if the gun is shot
•Using rubber guns with all the details metion above in mind
•Using simunition with eye, hand and ear protection.

Joint locks and manipulation

•Handcuffs / Pressure points with the Cuffs
•Strap tides / plastic
•Duck tape
•Low line counter attack & control (Sikaran)
•Leg manipulation

Tactical folder

•Advanced Knife Tapping
•Receiver deceiving
•Feeder Timing / Manual Dexterity
•Advanced Hubad
•Stop blocks of knife tapping
•Blade vs. Blade / Silak
•Linear and non-linear concepts


•Tactical Kerambit Template 3
•Aplications and variations for fix and folder