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Swords Security - Bodyguards

Swords Security - Bodyguards

swordzSwords Security is committed to protecting the customer from any accidental damage, annoying situations, deliberate attacks, and ensuring ease of management With the help of experts in threat and risk analysis will determine the exact personal safety of your needs, which may include:
→Discrimination protection 24 hours a day and escort
→All means for safe and speed transfer
→Monitoring and storage areas
→Protecting people and VIP visitors

By setting a number of operatives and the type of organization and equipment for this mission, we will give you an economical and effective plan tailored to your needs. The level and nature of the threat, the lifestyle of the customer and conditions, available resources are the factors evaluated for optimal effect.

Full assessments and advice are free to accept the contract and expect all your questions about our services and our cooperation.

Services List:
→Guarding Sites
→Guarding Minors
→Rental cars, helicopters, yachts
→Mystery Shopper Program
→Electronic security

Swords Security provides a range of professional services, including:
→Luxurious, fast and safe transportation by land, sea, air: limousines, helicopters, yachts and private airplanes.
→Monitoring underwater areas
→Escorts children and adolescents in all their activities.